Scott Schaefer, CGBP is the Founder and Managing Partner of Dallas home builder and real estate developer Lexington Luxury Builders. Schaefer, who is a Certified Green Building Professionaland Energy Star Partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency, has been called a Dallas Urban Icon in Dallas area media.

Schaefer and Lexington conceive, design and build green built custom homes, luxury townhomes and condominiums, and walkable, eco-friendly, new urban neighborhoods in Dallas, Plano and many unparalleled locations throughout the DFW Metroplex.  He develops and builds neighborhoods and homes that are designed inexorably with both the natural and urban landscapes.  For almost 25 years, Schaefer has developed projects with a strong sense of place, enhancing the built environment while protecting our natural environment.

The real estate development and home building industries have been radically impacted by the rapidly expanding demand for green, sustainable products due to public concern over Climate Change. New urban planning and architectural models are creating smart solutions to issues such as Urban Sprawl, while redefining the urban landscape.  New Urbanism, green-building and sustainable development practices have become the new paradigm, and they are redefining Dallas and America.

Student and practitioner of New Urbanism before the moniker became common, Schaefer practices the tenets espoused in the Charter for the New Urbanism. Lexington passionately designs Homes and Neighborhoods while maintaining an unwavering devotion to construction quality standards, green building principles and sustainable development practices.

Expanding into Public/Private Partnerships in 2005, Lexington became partners with the City of Plano in expanding the Downtown Plano Transit Village by developing a new residential Transit Oriented Development. Lexington became exclusive developer of the project after a nine month vetting process. Schaefer and Lexington conceived, designed and are building Lexington Park at Rice Field, an eco-friendly, new urban neighborhood comprised of 98 luxury green built townhomes. Lexington has since emerged as a premier developer of new urban neighborhoods and transit oriented residential communities in Texas.

Prior to forming Lexington, Schaefer was a principal with a Dallas-based real estate, private equity firm until June 1996.  Schaefer developed a strong background in finance, starting his career as a Financial Analyst at Taylor Financial Services in 1982, where he served in various capacities, up through Vice President Real Estate, until his departure in 1986.

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