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Website Advertising Available on Lexington Development

Website Designer Lexington Development Advertise HereLexington Development provides industry leading small business websites and innovative SEO services services, but we also offer low cost, high impact internet advertising opportunities for small businesses, right here on the Lexington Development website and our sister sites.

Our high traffic local websites deliver strong visitor counts at amazingly affordable prices, and we offer several ad types and placement options. Our Ad Prices start at only $29 per month. You get tremendous brand exposure at prices you really can’t beat.

More Ad Exposure Less Ad Cost

Print ads, direct mail campaigns and every other antiquated advertising method invariably disappoint. On the other hand, internet advertising on our website delivers several thousand ad impressions every day, providing immediate brand exposure at a fraction of the cost of old fashioned advertising methods.

Ads are displayed on our website every time a page is viewed. In September more than 205,000 pages were viewed on our website. Alexa Internet recently reported our visitor traffic in the top one-tenth of one percent of all websites in the world. [Read the announcement]

Text link ads are priced at only $29 per month and display ads start at $49 per month. Click through to see our Traffic Statistics to see the actual numbers yourself, then take a look at our Advertising Prices and you’ll quickly see why our website advertising options are unparalleled. Our low price, high impact ad deal may be the sweetest advertising deal your business has ever found.