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Dallas Urban Blog is published by Website Design Firm Lexington Development. Lexington Development publishes a family of small business websites and blogs which combine to produce a feature rich web browsing experience with related knowledge base content totaling more than 16,000 web pages. The content you will find throughout our family of websites amounts to an online knowledge base and research library which is extraordinarily deep in our core disciplines.

Network Navigation

In order to provide guidance which will help our subscribers and readers navigate content throughout the Lexington Development Website Development Network, we are in the process of creating a Small Business Website Sitemap which is, in essence, a network wide site map, which presents navigational guidance to our customers and readers in two ways:


The first navigation method is presented as a comprehensive Lexington Network Sitemap which provides links to top level url's throughout the network of small business websites, blogs and social networking platforms, along with a brief abstract of each top level url. The second navigation method presents the content of the Lexington network divided into Categories and Keywords or subcategories.

Network Search

Additionally, Lexington Development has provided a custom search facility which was developed in partnership with Google. The custom search functions very much the same as any Google search, but it drills deeper through the content to provide maximum search details within the Lexington Network. Please avail yourself of this enhanced Google search functionality as often as you would like.

Please remember that this is a work in progress, so please be patient as we are populating the Network Map with relevant content as fast as possible and anticipate concluding the project by mid November 2012. Note that sections of the Network Map open and close in an accordion like fashion in order to save space. Thank you again for visiting the Dallas Urban Blog.